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Cary Wappinger Creek Storm Data

posted on 2024-04-09, 18:36 authored by Vicky KellyVicky Kelly, David FischerDavid Fischer, Stuart Findlay

This dataset is a contribution to the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies. The objective of the project was to sample the streamwater during flood events in order to understand dynamics of N, P, Na, Cl, suspended sediments, pH, dissolved oxygen (DO), dissolved organic carbon (DOC) & turbidity during different types of floods. Floods were selected to represent different times of the year and different conditions such as after a significant snow melt, after a prolonged drought, etc. Sampling was done March 11-15, 2013, June 6-12, 2013, April 29-May 5, 2014, September 28-October 5, 2015 and October 20-26, 2016. A previous study done in 1991 by Xiaoying Ma is included here as a pdf document; the data were not tabulated.


Geographic description

Data were collected at the gauging station in the Fern Glen (Site 2), GPS coordinates N41.78707, W73.73317

Geographic coordinates

N41.78707, W73.73317

Time period



Data were collected via a) the existing Campbell Scientific datalogger at 15 minute intervals including stage height & discharge, specific conductivity and temperature; b) a YSI 6000 Sonde at 15 minute intervals including temperature, specific conductivity, depth, pH, turbidity, and dissolved oxygen; c) For some storms, ISCO samples were taken at 2 hour intervals during the flood events. The ISCO sample analyses included but were not always as described in the following: benchtop chloride (mg/L), DOC (ppm), benchtop pH, benchtop conductivity, benchtop turbidity (NTU) and benchtop nitrate using a SUNA sampler. A subset of the ISCO samples were analyzed by the Rachel Carson analytical lab for Na, Cl, PO4, NH4 & NO3.

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