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Hudson River data: Kingston and cardinal survey stations

posted on 2021-08-06, 19:58 authored by Dave StrayerDave Strayer, Nina F. Caraco, Jonathan Cole, Stuart E. G. Findlay, David FischerDavid Fischer, Stephen HamiltonStephen Hamilton, Heather MalcomHeather Malcom, Michael L. Pace, Emma Rosi, Chris SolomonChris Solomon
These data are collected by the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies from the Hudson River. Many of these data have already been published. Some of the data posted here have not yet been published, and are considered preliminary and may be changed if errors are found. Should you choose to use data from this repository, we ask you to contact the Manager of Hudson River Studies (

Description of files:
1. HRES sampling routines describes Hudson River field sampling methods.

2. HRES laboratory analyses describes processing of field collected samples.

3. HRES method history describes methods and changes in methods over the entire sampling period.

4. HRES grant funding (.csv) lists all Hudson River funding sources and projects.

5. HRES publications lists all publications related to Hudson River Ecosystem Studies.

6. HRES water quality and plankton data files (.csv) are summary files for samples collected related to Hudson River Ecosystem Studies.

7. HRES bivalve files (data and metadata files) are summary data for native and non-native Hudson River bivalves.

8. HRES SAV volunteer monitoring program files (data and metadata files) describe data collected by citizen scientists monitoring submerged aquatic vegetation.


CASTLETON: East 601839; North 4709420
HUDSON: East 598342; North 4678343
KINGSTON: East 586569; North 4644598
POUGHKEEPSIE: East 587652; North 4613761
FORT MONTGOMERY: East 585139; North 4575014
HAVERSTRAW: East 587585; North 4564038