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Monthly summary data for each angler who fished in the East Branch of Wappinger Creek at Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies for the years 1980–1987

posted on 2024-06-24, 20:31 authored by Raymond J. Winchcombe, Michael FargioneMichael Fargione

This dataset is a contribution to Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies. The data used to compile the summaries in this dataset were collected from anglers using a data card system in which anglers recorded their activities for each outing and dropped cards off on a daily basis. See methods in attached metadata. Note that these data are from information reported by anglers. Data collected included dates fished, hours fished, location fished (see notes below), species of fish caught, size of trout caught, number of fish kept and equipment used (lure, bait or fly). Most trout caught were Brown Trout with an occasional Brook or Rainbow Trout.

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Cary_Fish_Data_Month_Summary_1980_1987.pdf - contains complete metadata for data file, additional project documentation and history, methods, geographic information and a list of data curators.

Cary_Fish_Data_Month_Summary_1980_1987.csv - data in this file start 1 April 1980 and end 30 September 1987.



1 April 1980 - 30 September 1987

Geographic description

The fishing location for the data in this repository was the East Branch of Wappinger Creek and Ham Creek, a tributary of the East Branch of Wappinger Creek in the lower section where they run through the property of Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies, located near Millbrook, NY.


Data were collected via self-reporting by individual anglers at the end of each day of fishing by that angler. Anglers wrote information on cards that were collected at the end of each day from 1987-2007. From 2008-2019, anglers had a data sheet for the entire season that was handed in at the end of the season. From 2020 onward data were collected via electronic form. Note that in the data, NA means no data. For months that there was no activity for an individual angler, there's 0. For months that the there was some activity but some of the data were missing, there's NA., e.g., for an angler for which there's a report of 5 fish caught but the number of days fished is missing.

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Data Sharing Statement

Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies furnishes data under the following conditions: The data have received quality assurance scrutiny, and, although we are confident of the accuracy of these data, Cary Institute will not be held liable for errors in these data. Data are subject to change resulting from updates in data screening or models used. To cite code or data, click on the Cite button on this page.

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