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posted on 2021-10-18, 19:48 authored by Ilya FischhoffIlya Fischhoff, Adrian CastellanosAdrian Castellanos, Joao RodriguesJoao Rodrigues, Arvind Varsani, Barbara HanBarbara Han
Supplementary tables and figures for the manuscript. Supplementary table 1 reviews a list of mammal species confirmed as susceptible to SARS-CoV-2. Supplementary Table 2 describes the trait variables used in our vertebrate and mammal datasets. In addition to variable names, we provide a description of the trait, units for each variable, the original source of the trait variable, percent coverage across the species in our dataset, and additional notes. Supplementary table 3 describes the results of our various models. For each model described in the main text or Supplementary Methods, we present the parameters determined from a grid search and the evaluation statistics from bootstrapping.
Also included are an alluvial plot comparing predictions of species susceptibility (Supplementary Figure 1), depictions of HADDOCK score distributions (Supplementary Figures 2-6), a plot of relative importance scores for our zoonotic capacity of mammals model (Supplementary Figure 7), and figures related to Figure 3 (Supplementary Figures 8-9 showing the distribution of model results for a select group of families). Supplementary Figure 10 is related to the 50 bootstrap iterations used to evaluate our model.


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