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Table S4. Rodent species in the Afrotropical ecozone, their zoonotic reservoir status, and study effort in monkeypox research

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posted on 2020-05-26, 21:21 authored by Barbara HanBarbara Han
Table S4 from Integrating data mining and transmission theory in the ecology of infectious diseases, coauthored by Suzanne O'Regan, John Paul Schmidt, and John M. Drake.

This table lists all rodent species whose geographic ranges overlap the Afrotropical ecozone, their status as reservoirs for zoonotic diseases, their mean equilibrium prevalence values (generated by a system of differential equations describing transmission dynamics of pathogens similar to Monkeypox), and the study effort for each species as estimated by the number of hits in Web of Science resulting from a search on Latin binomials of each species and the additional term "monkeypox".


NSF DEB 1717282