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Cary Environmental Monitoring Program Soil Data: 2013 - present

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posted on 2019-05-03, 19:20 authored by Vicky KellyVicky Kelly
The Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies Environmental Monitoring Program is a long-term data collection program designed to understand how the environment changes over time. The program includes monitoring of climate including temperature, precipitation and solar radiation, as well as variables related to air pollution, such as acid deposition and ozone, and water pollution and other streamwater chemistry. Soil moisture and temperature data is from a collaboration with the USDA, ARS and includes data from stations outside of Cary Institute. For site descriptions and other metadata, please see file Cary_Soil_Data_Metadata.pdf. The Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies, Environmental Monitoring Program furnishes data under the following conditions: The data have received quality assurance scrutiny by our program, and, although we are confident of the accuracy of these data, Cary Institute will not be held liable for errors in these data. Data are subject to change resulting from updates in data screening or models used. If you wish to use or publish these data, please contact data manager Vicky Kelly,