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Long term monitoring of forest ecosystems: Nutrient cycling archive

Posted on 2022-07-21 - 17:19

The Forest Response to Stress and Damage (frequently referred to as FORSTAD) and long term forest monitoring project began in 1992 to study how mixed-oak forests respond to multiple forms of environmental change.  The research took place at  the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies in the Hudson Valley of New York. FORSTAD included several sub-projects including (1) nutrient cycling, (2) gypsy moth dynamics, (3) small mammal dynamics and 4) vegetation dynamics. This archive contains the results of approximately 10 years (~1992-2002) of collection and analysis of forest nutrient cycling data and related projects.  Funding for these nutrient cycling measurements came from the General Reinsurance Corporation and the U.S. National Science Foundation.

Each subproject in the archive includes metadata, raw data, data calculations, protocols and other documentation.

Nutrient Cycling [this collection]

Gypsy moth dynamics

Small mammal dynamics

Vegetation dynamics

The Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies furnishes data under the following conditions: The data have received quality assurance scrutiny, and, although we are confident of the accuracy of these data, Cary Institute will not be held liable for errors in these data. Data are subject to change resulting from updates in data screening or models used. Data citation: Please click on the Cite button on the Figshare repository.

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