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Supplementary Files for A review of emerging health threats from zoonotic New World mammarenaviruses

Posted on 2024-03-20 - 19:50 authored by Adrian Castellanos
Here we collect additional files adding extra context and information for the manuscript titled "A review of emerging health threats from zoonotic New World mammarenaviruses" by Lendino et al. The additional files are referenced in the manuscript when appropriate and are briefly described here:

Supplementary file 1 - A description of the the literature search and keywords used in it. A figure showing the PRISMA framework that we followed and the number of papers retained at each step is also shown.

Supplementary file 2 - Additional maps showing the distribution of each mammal species associated with a particular viral hemorrhagic fever caused by a New World arenavirus. Colors follow those seen in figure 1. 

Supplementary file 3 - A spreadsheet detailing each species associated with one of the mammarenaviruses discussed in this paper.

Supplementary file 4 - Table of resulting papers retained from the literature review along with all of their identifying information.


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